How do I refill a prescription?

– You can call us at the store and give us your name and prescription number.

– You can email us your name and prescription number.

   Do you accept faxed prescriptions from my doctor?

– We can accept faxed prescriptions unless restricted by law.

   How can I transfer my prescription?

– Call us at the store and give us your name, the prescription number, and the phone number of the pharmacy where your prescription was previously filled.

   How long is a written prescription valid?

– A prescription in Maryland is valid for 120 days from when written unless the indication for use has expired.

   Do you accept credit cards?

– We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

   Can I special order items?

– We can special order anything that our wholesaler carries. Orders arrive to the store in one business day.

   How long are my refills valid?

– Once the prescription is initially filled refills are valid for one year unless for controlled substances then only valid for 6 months.

   Do you have home health care items?

– We carry a wide selection of home health care items, but if we don’t have what you need we can check our home health care catalog and order it for you in one business day.

   Do you rent any items?

– We have a wheelchair that can be rented for any amount of time. It requires a $50.00 deposit and when it is returned the cost of the rental is $1.00 per day. Name, address and phone number is required with the deposit.